Concrete Finishes

Alex’s Concrete Pumping Service offers the following finishes for your concrete. Colored concrete is an option for all finishes. Additional custom options may be available for your project so feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities or if you have any questions.

Broom Finish

Broom finish concrete is the standard and traditional finish for exterior concrete. Most concrete you encounter every day is or started out with a broom finish. (As years pass weather and use eventually wear the broom texture away.) As the name implies the final step for broom finish concrete is to drag a special broom across the surface to create a slip resistant surface. Broom finish is a budget friendly choice and the traditional look can fit into any setting. Additionally, the concrete can be colored with your choice of color.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a classic decorative concrete finish. This finish requires extra skill and labor, but the result is concrete that stands out as unique and custom.

Seeded Exposed Aggregate

For a seeded exposed aggregate finish your choice of rock is spread over the concrete surface soon after pouring. The rock is sealed into the cement creating a flat surface and to ensure the rock will be held in place by the cement. A retardant is then sprayed on the concrete which will later allow the top layer of cement to be rinsed from the surface exposing the aggregate.